Using a cutting-edge technology platform, Integra offers The Hero ProgramTM to participants all across the globe, allowing them to engage in real-time, face-to-face conversations with certified implementation coaches to ensure the most comprehensive results. The dynamic feedback loop allows participants, employers and coaches the most accurate snapshot of results, ensuring the most robust ROI of training time and dollars.

Participants will work through the video content at their own pace viewing the presentations on any device, any where, any time they want. An interactive calendar allows them to schedule their live face-to-face implementation coaching at their convenience. Regular webcasts allows participants to ask questions and share their challenges with others. Our innovative CRM backend allows clients to collect critical data enabling them understand the exact outcomes and impact of the training. And importantly, to evaluate the true value and return of their training investment.

As one of our professional L&D clients calls it this platform is the "holy grail" of development.