The key to a successful and profitable business is a productive, organized, efficient team of professionals with high levels of job satisfaction. Integra Workshops certified coaches will help your business get there, through a combination of engaging and fun group workshops and customized personal coaching.

Targeted to the particular needs of your business and following an extensive assessment by our coaches, Integra Workshops teach participants how to master:

  • Personal Organization
  • Decision Making
  • Turnaround Time
  • Planning Processes
  • Use of Staff/Delegation
  • Work Tracking/Follow-ups
  • Retrievability/Filing
  • Concentration on Priority Programs
  • Project Management
  • Control over Work Load
  • Information Retention
  • Productivity

The skills learned by Integra Workshops graduates help them conquer negative work habits, like procrastination. These changes make them far happier and more productive by reducing stress and anxiety.

After a couple hours of instruction in a conference room at the client's location, Integra Workshops participants spend the rest of the day implementing the new concepts under the guidance and encouragement of certified coaches.

Our programs typically take place over non-consecutive days, so that the new behaviors can take hold and our measurements can more accurately reflect how each individual participants performance has improved.


If you think your company is pretty organized, Integra Workshops asks you to think twice.

In a study commissioned by retailer Office Depot (NYSE: ODP), more than three-quarters of the responding business professionals reported losing time because they were not organized. More than half said they were concerned about missing important deadlines or appointments.

Of those surveyed, 16 percent cited fear of diminishing their reputation and 14 percent said they were afraid of losing business opportunities due to disorganization. Only 22 percent said they arranged their desk for maximum productivity every day, and 49 percent said they organized once a month or less frequently. And, finally, 67 percent said they were not sure how to start or maintain their efforts.

Still think you have nothing to worry about?

Integra Workshops arms participants with the skills they need to make each workday productive and organized. Naturally, this helps a company's bottom line more gets done in a day, and a company can spend less on overtime.

In addition, Integra Workshops programs help create a happier, more contented workforce. They support your organization in becoming a more pleasurable, focused, low-stress environment, where employees look forward to coming to work on time, doing a great job, and actually going home at a reasonable time.

Coaching is a luxury, you say?

Actually, it's an investment in continuous improvement. It is just as important to consider the cost of not doing something as it is of doing it. What does it cost your organization to have its major investment - its workforce - not performing up to its full potential?


Working with some of the best companies in the world, Integra Workshops certified coaches have developed the ability to analyze an organization's inefficiencies and help employees and executives correct them. We make real and measurable improvements.

We are an authority on neuroscience, workplace efficiency practices, technology advances, and corporate cultural shifts. We use this knowledge to help businesses make real and measurable improvements through new habits and behaviors.

Drawing from the best of western science and mindfulness traditions, we have developed programs that help individuals change self-defeating behavior and get the most out of their lives.

Ours is not a theoretical, highbrow philosophy. Integra Workshops focuses on hardcore, specific techniques and tools for making your day more productive at work, and more rewarding at home. Our materials are based on scientific principles that show measurable results. We have the benefit of 20 years of experience in 26 countries and almost 1 million participant surveys. In other words, we know what works!

Integra Workshops will not waste a single moment of your limited time or budget dollar. When we make a commitment to you, we do not finish until the goal is attained. All of our clients will happily confirm this for you.