Our clients have told us:

"I cannot over-express my enthusiasm for this program. It changed my life over a decade ago and I strongly urge my high-potential employees to take it, as well. It's a revelation, and the results are immediate."

Ramsay McPherson, CRM Director
Elsevier Corp.

"These programs have the highest marks from any we've run. They've resulted in improvements in work processes for over 90% of those participating. Integra Workshops' programs are effective because they address the element missing in most training programs: the application of new skills and knowledge in the real workplace."

James Johnson, Process and Quality Manager
Siemens Corp.

Integra Workshops conducted "the single most powerful program we have ever offered our people. Without question, it delivered the largest impact and best return on our investment dollars. We are strongly committed to it, and I recommend it to everyone."

Elissa McBride, Education Director

"Our partnership with Integra and Paul [Silverman] has been an outstanding success. We are very grateful for their help. The results have been beyond expectations, and we always look forward to working with them because they always deliver on their promise."

Richard David, Director of Training and Development
Defense Acquisition University (DoD)

"This program consistently rates as one our most successful and popular programs. Participants are getting more work done in less time, with less stress, while improving the quality of their lives."

Hilary Johnston, Training Development and Operations Manager
Bayer Corp.

"I am so grateful for this training. My people and I got so much out of it. It really opened our eyes and gave us the tools to manage our work lives and private lives more successfully."

Lauren Day, Managing Director